Gandia Blasco


The company GANDIA BLASCO, which is nowadays known for its outdoor furniture line, was born in 1941 as a family business, manufacturing blankets. The activities of the company were developed on an industrial level, with an intensive production during the Spanish post-war period, essentially aimed at the army and hospitals. It is currently based in Valencia, Spain.

In 1996, José A. Gandía-Blasco needed to furnish the terrace of the house which had been built for him recently by the architect Ramón Esteve in Ibiza, and they both started to develop an outdoor furniture collection. This is how the ‘Na Xemena’ collection was born, to close a gap in the market, and it had almost no competition at that time. The philosophy of this product line, which is still the star of the company, was transmitted to the whole firm: designs combining the biggest comfort in functionality and an extremely high aesthetic component. It was a new turn of the business dynamics which later became the most significant. 

Shortly after, in 1999, José A. Gandía-Blasco became the owner of the company and finished the renewal in the company’s hierarchy, as well as of the production methods and the philosophy of the company in general. 

In 2000, the company merged with the emergent company called Babia (a society created by Pablo Gironés and the architect Ramón Esteve), that manufactured indoor furniture. This merger was an attempt to enter the indoor furniture market, but the activity was given up shortly after to focus exclusively on outdoor products. Pablo Gironés became partner of the company, as well as Gandia Blasco’s marketing and product manager, and Ramón Esteve began to co-operate more actively in the development of new outdoor furniture products. 

These factors helped towards the consolidation of the expansion business strategy and thus to stand out as a worldwide leader in outdoor design furniture. The company expanded its activities worldwide, opening shops and showrooms in several countries. The work with designers of international prestige consolidated the work of tens of people in Ontinyent, who help furnishing homes in the most unsuspected parts of the planet. 

With a production that is almost completely carried out in workshops of the area, and thus contributing to local economy, GANDIA BLASCO has settled in a branch that was almost discovered by the company, and is looking forward to the future with the optimism of a brand with an international name.


The company has currently two product lines: outdoor furniture, which is distributed with the brand GANDIA BLASCO, and textiles (carpets and duvet covers) with the brand GAN. In spite of the diversity of styles and shapes, all of these products share the same basic concept: fresh products, with highest quality materials, elegant, functional and with different and exclusive designs that make them unique. Ideas and shapes that are not a mere response to home situations, but combine warm, contemporary, striking or surprising designs that define a lifestyle. 

Outdoor furniture, the cornerstone of the company, is currently made up by more than 15 collections comprising nearly 300 different products. The catalogue of the company covers each and every need of outdoor spaces and it is being constantly expanded, trying to solve new approaches or any detected gap. 

GANDIA BLASCO furniture has been designed for outdoor use in the largest sense. It does not need any care, it doesn’t get damaged and it resists the hardest weather conditions in any of the countries in which it is present. Years of investigation and innovation in materials have resulted in optimal finishes. The best metals, plastics and woods make up the structure and base of any Gandia Blasco product.