Our factory is located in Viladecans, a town very close to Barcelona. Having our own workshop allows us to have total control over the quality of materials and processes, and to ensure that they are sustainable. We manufacture only on request, combining artisan and technological techniques. First of all we create the structures with wood and elastic straps, and then cover them with high quality polyurethane foam. A combination of elastic straps of different tensions allows to control the comfort. The patterns of each product are cut in a large digital machine, following exactly the measurements provided by the customer. Once cut, the pieces are contoured by hand with a seam that prevents fraying and keeps them well joined over time. We combine polyurethane foam of different densities to fill both the structures and the seats and cushions. After the filling phase with foam and feathers, they are attached to the structure and upholstered according to the client's preferences, giving rise to unique and personalized designs.