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Structure: aluminium, solid wood, metal
Sprung seats: elastic straps
Cushion: foamed polyurethane with feathers contained in a feather-proof multi-pocket fabric cover
'Servo' top: Metal structure. Cover in natural, dark brown or black coloured corrected grain leather
Back rest: feathers and polyester fibre contained in a featherproof multi-pocket fabric cover
Base: metal
Cover: completely removable fabric or leather cover

W225 x D105 x H64 x SH43 cm
W255 x D105 x H64 x SH43 cm
W280 x D105 x H64 x SH43 cm
Side end:
W140 x D105 x H64 x SH43 cm
W218 x D105 x H64 x SH43 cm
W248 x D105 x H64 x SH43 cm
W272 x D105 x H64 x SH43 cm
Chaise lounge:
W128 x D160 x H64 x SH43 cm
W105 x D105 x H43 cm
W75 x D60 cm
W60 x D60 cm
Servo top:
W26 x D40 x H18 cm
W26 x D60 x H18 cm
W32 x D40 x H9 cm

Fabric, Leather

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A sofa offering supreme refinement and minimalism. It consists in a chromed metal base that supports and raises it from the floor, and a slim, aluminium, triangular-section structure that is available with a matt brushed finish or covered with stiff leather. The padding adds unique elegance and relaxation features to the product. The armrest projects slightly over the sides.

In 1995, Euromobil Group acquired Désirée, a company in the sector of upholstery located in Tezze di Piave, which existed since 1968. This reality, whose name has been kept, enjoyed a good image in the market, but the factory had a craftsmanship feature. The acquisition responded to the need to offer a full range of house furnishings, expressing the unique philosophy of Euromobil Group, as well as a vocation in the manufacture of industrial products. For this reason, Désirée has been the subject of a complex reorganization both of production facilities, and of logics management, distribution and sale. A training program has been implemented for the personnel, so that the production and market position of Désirée was coherent with that of Zalf and Euromobil in the range middle-high / high. This process has been gradual over the years and coincided in the late Nineties, with the expansion and renovation of production facilities, and today with the design of exclusive models, some with patented, and collaborations with young designers Edoardo Gherardi, Jai Jalan and Andrea Lucatello, and the already known Marc Sadler.

Désirée, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture since 1968, based in Tezze di Piave near Treviso, Italy. Désirée philosophy mainly focuses on manufacturing an industrial product, in the upholstered furniture sector, with guaranteed quality and comfort for different uses. Its extensive collection of upholstered furniture includes armchairs, sofas, convertibles, beds and complementary items for the home and for contract furnishing schemes.