Alfred Sofa

Marco Milisich

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Double-panelled fir and poplar frame. Feet in walnut-stained beech, natural sand-blasted or dark brown sand-blasted (sofa 280 x 140 excluded). Differentiated density polyurethane foam filling. Springing with woven elastic straps of covered rubber. Seat cushions in washed and sterilized goose down with pad in differentiated density polyurethane foam. Decorative buttons covered in the same shade of leather.

Walnut, Natural sand-blasted, Dark brown sand-blasted

W200 x D110 x H82 x SH49 cm
W240 x D110 x H82 x SH49 cm
W280 x D110 x H82 x SH49 cm
W440 x D110 x H82 x SH49 cm
W280 x D140 x H78 x SH49 cm
Cushion roll:
W80 x ΓΈ21
W135 x D62 x H49 cm
W48 x D48 cm

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He founded the study Milisich in 1992, after having worked with Atelier Alchemy and Aldo Cibic, developing a consistent design experience. In his career he has developed and developing projects for numerous companies with regard to products and communication.

Baxter is headquartered in Lurago d'Erba, Lombardy, and a leader in handmade luxury furniture, which distinguishes itself through innovation and the high quality of the utilized materials. As a company it is exemplary for the internationally appreciated quality standards of products made in Italy. For many years Baxter dedicated itself almost exclusively to manufacturing leather furniture: sofas, armchairs, beds, tables and chairs, which have become synonymous with quality and elegance.