Alfred Special Edition Trench Sofa

Marco Milisich

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Padded quilting in acrylic fibre and upholstery with one side in cotton fabric and another side in leather. Two rolls 80 cm, 31¼", two back cushions 105 x 28 cm, 41 x 11" , two cushions 48 x 48 cm, 18¾ x 18¾" and four cushions 60 x 60 cm, 23½ x 23½" in washed and sterilized goose down. Edged seams with frayed linen insert. Decoration with fabric and appliqued leather labels, silk-screened by hand according to the creativity of the artist. Each piece will therefore be different and unique. Available in two colour versions: with River Nelson body or with Bo.Hemian Kaki body.


W280 x D140 x H78 x SH49 cm

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He founded the study Milisich in 1992, after having worked with Atelier Alchemy and Aldo Cibic, developing a consistent design experience. In his career he has developed and developing projects for numerous companies with regard to products and communication.

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