Budapest Bed

Paola Navone

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Frame in honeycomb fir and poplar wood. Feet in brushed unfinished metal or matte gunmetal grey-coloured, antioxidant protection with matte varnish.
Differentiated density polyurethane foam filling. Leather upholstery with sharp edge stitching. A mattress can be purchased separately.

Available in soft leathers only

W172 x D266 x H60 cm
W192 x D266 x H60 cm
W212 x D266 x H60 cm

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Born in Turin, she later moved to Milan, although she is first and foremost a citizen of the world: driven by her extreme interest in the most widely differing cultures – particularly oriental ones – she travels a great deal, bowing to a natural inclination to cross boundaries, and not only geographical ones. In her long and many-sided career she has switched easily between the roles of architect, designer, art director, interior designer, critic, teacher and organiser of exhibitions and events, both independently and for select clients.

Baxter is headquartered in Lurago d'Erba, Lombardy, and a leader in handmade luxury furniture, which distinguishes itself through innovation and the high quality of the utilized materials. As a company it is exemplary for the internationally appreciated quality standards of products made in Italy. For many years Baxter dedicated itself almost exclusively to manufacturing leather furniture: sofas, armchairs, beds, tables and chairs, which have become synonymous with quality and elegance.