Déjà-vu Dining Table

Naoto Fukasawa

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Tables. Legs in extruded aluminium polished. Tops in HPL or veneer.

Veneer Oak & White

W200 x D120 x H74 cm
W160 x D98 x H74 cm
W124 x D124 x H74 cm
W98 x D98 x H74 cm

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Sometimes normality can be the fruit of a lengthy process of study and refining. This is what happened in the case of Déjà-Vu, a stool whose forms give a reassuring sense of familiarity, inspired as they are by the classic wooden stool, but actually produced using a D-shaped extruded aluminium profile. This solution was devised by designer Naoto Fukasawa together with Magis, to create a versatile, light and durable item of furniture. Available in three finishes (polished or black or white painted aluminium) and in three different heights, ready to meet the endless different requirements of the living, office and contract worlds, Déjà-vu does not demand a constant place in the limelight, and yet its discreet presence is always appreciated, be it alone or together with the seat and table from the same family. Year: 2007.

To design shape is to give form to values that people tacitly share and wish for. Naoto Fukasawa (born in 1956) visually captures these values and draws their exact outline. His ability to visualize the unseen outlines of things is not easily worded and described, nonetheless, people are immediately convinced of his ability when they experience his design. Fukasawa’s notions and expressions in approaching the essential values of things through design transcend borders and domains, and his thoughts are well respected internationally. His concept of finding clues in people’s subconscious behaviour, which he named “Without Thought”, is his best-known, and he runs “Without Thought” workshops to share his ideas.

Magis was established in 1976 in the north east of Italy, one of Europe's most dynamic industrial areas. Its success is based on the desire to provide a broad swathe of users with access to high functional and technological quality products for the home, developed in partnership with major international designers, with a vision of the resulting products that is ethical and poetic as well as aesthetic. 

Magis products are dedicated to their international public and are all 100% “Made in Italy”: a guarantee of high quality, in line with the firm's tradition, which has developed from its craftsmanship and cultural roots, through the evolving styles and industrial growth of the eighties and nineties, and continues to comprise one of the company's greatest and most valuable assets.