Duii Mini Table Lamp


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Table lamp with direct and orientable light. The head of the adjustable diffuser is made of powder-coated die cast aluminium. The moulded poly-prismatic glass is sand-blasted on the inside and polished on the outside, with a vintage finish like the headlight of an old car. The rod is made of powder-coated steel with a black galvanised butterfly screw. The moulded Zink alloy base is powder-coated with a polished satin finish metal plate with the Diesel logo on the back; black switch and electrical cable. Customised packaging with designs expressly created to tell the story of the Duii mini with irony.

Grey, Yellow

Dimension: W16 x D17 x H25 cm
Cable length: 210 cm
Bulbs: LED retrofit 1x10W R7s (78mm)

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Is it a building game? Is it a comic character? A small domestic robot? Duii is original and fun right from its name which is inspired by one of Donald Duck's nephews. Its base even looks like a duck’s foot and can be used as a handy trinket tray. Its hinged arm, held together with wing screws like blocks in a building game, supports a rounded body which in turn brings a multitude of memories and inspirations to mind: retro car headlights, a workman’s hard hat but also the Mohican style head on the Diesel logo. It is available in two colour variants: bright yellow in the “men at work” style and a warm shade of sober but simultaneously technological grey. It was created for resilient, playful spirits of all ages, as its inspirational motto “hard work always pays” suggests.
The Diesel with Foscarini collection speaks a variety of different languages - from rock to pop, industrial design and vintage, from graphics to art, to illustrate the unmistakable Diesel lifestyle. Ironic, transgressive, eclectic, incandescent, the collection includes over 40 different lamp models.