Mysterio Ceiling Lamp


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Ceiling lamp with diffused light; in the white/copper version, the injection moulded polycarbonate lampshade is batch-dyed white and the interior undergoes a copper coloured “vacuum metallising” treatment, a technique that renders the material polished and reflective like metal. In the black / silver version, batch-dyed black and the interior undergoes a silver coloured “vacuum metallising” treatment and it is finished by hand through the sponge application of paint to age the surface. A hand blown glass bubble with glossy finish screens the halogen light bulb. Galvanised metal ceiling plate and powder-coated metal cover in black or white depending on the colour of the lampshade.

White-copper, Black-silver

Dimension: Ø31 x H11 cm
Bulbs: Halogen or LED retrofit 1 x 33W G9

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Ironic and iconic, Mysterio is a luminous eye on the wall, a flying saucer hanging on a wire in space, a magic mirror from an ancient and mysterious house, right out of a thriller or a 1970s B-movie. Vintage in its inspiration yet contemporary in its production, Mysterio consists of a polycarbonate diffuser whose internal surface is split into 12 sections that reflect the light beam and the interior of the lamp like a maze of mirrors. Available in three versions, wall mounted, ceiling mounted or suspension and two colours, cosy, domestic copper or cool, refined silver, it is perfect for personalising the most diverse settings with charm and originality.
The Diesel with Foscarini collection speaks a variety of different languages - from rock to pop, industrial design and vintage, from graphics to art, to illustrate the unmistakable Diesel lifestyle. Ironic, transgressive, eclectic, incandescent, the collection includes over 40 different lamp models.