Ladrillos Shelf

Javier Mariscal

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Shelf supports in rotational-moulded polyethylene. Shelves in HPL white with black edge.

Nik fuchsia, Namo yellow, Nomi orange, Nono light blue, Nosi blue, Sino dark green, Nok green, Nolu pink

Nok: W12 x D34 x H35 cm
Nomo: W12 x D35 x H35 cm
Nomi: W12 x D35 x H35 cm
Nono: W10 x D34 x H35 cm
Nosi: W17.5 x D34 x H25 cm
Sino: W23 x D34 x H40 cm
Nik: W12 x D34 x H25 cm
Nolu: W10 x D34 x H35 cm

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Shelving system. Year: 2005.

Javier Mariscal was born in Valencia in 1950, and developed his professional career in Barcelona. The Mediterranean culture of both cities is revealed in his work: from it he has inherited the hedonism, optimism and symbolism that characterizes his designs, as well as the vibrant range of colours and his poetic approach. Before dealing with projects from a multidisciplinary point of view became a recognized value, his professional activity already moved easily and confidently from one discipline to another, thanks to his untiring curiosity and his passionate drive for innovation, contributing to make everyday life more interesting, easier and friendlier.

Magis was established in 1976 in the north east of Italy, one of Europe's most dynamic industrial areas. Its success is based on the desire to provide a broad swathe of users with access to high functional and technological quality products for the home, developed in partnership with major international designers, with a vision of the resulting products that is ethical and poetic as well as aesthetic. 

Magis products are dedicated to their international public and are all 100% “Made in Italy”: a guarantee of high quality, in line with the firm's tradition, which has developed from its craftsmanship and cultural roots, through the evolving styles and industrial growth of the eighties and nineties, and continues to comprise one of the company's greatest and most valuable assets.