Bureaurama Table

Jerszy Seymour

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Aluminium painted in polyester powder. Suitable also for outdoor use.

Polished Aluminium, Black & Black Splattered White.

W109 x D57 x H73 cm
W109 x D67 x H102.5 cm
W126.5;75 x D74.5 x H102.5 cm

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Bureaurama is a collection of lightweight stools (high, medium and low) and tables that can be configured to create numerous different work and social situations that will look great anywhere: at home, on a warehouse or office, under a tree or up a mountain. Made up of fully-recyclable welded aluminium sections, all spray-painted by hand to convey a limitless view of possible futures, Bureaurama is meant to provide a space in which to reconsider our future, discuss and make decisions, or simply to twiddle our thumbs , doodle and chill out.

Jerszy Seymour is a designer in the broadest sense of the word. He sees design as the creation of situations, as the general relationship we have with the built world, the natural world, other people and ourselves, and thus it is as much about the inhabitation of the planet as the inhabitation of the mind. His goal is the transformation of reality, guided by constant humour, a tainted sense of poetry and the idea of the NON-GESAMT GESAMTKUNSTWERK. His work spans from playing with industrial and post-industrial produced objects, actions, interventions and installations, covering a range of media and materials, all the way to film, performance, music and writing.

Magis was established in 1976 in the north east of Italy, one of Europe's most dynamic industrial areas. Its success is based on the desire to provide a broad swathe of users with access to high functional and technological quality products for the home, developed in partnership with major international designers, with a vision of the resulting products that is ethical and poetic as well as aesthetic. 

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