Vasija Pot

Studio Vondom

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Pot made of polyethylene resin by rotational moulding. 100% Recyclable. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in different finishes.

Self watering, Simple, Basic & Lacquered

Round: Ø34 x H30 cm
Ø45 x H40 cm
Ø57 x H50 cm
Ø68 x H60 cm
Ø91 x H80 cm
High round: Ø49 x H60 cm
Ø61 x H75 cm
Ø74 x H90 cm
Square: W34 x D34 x H30 cm
W45 x D45 x H40 cm
W57 x D57 x H50 cm
W68 x D68 x H60 cm
W91 x D91 x H80 cm
Jardiniere: W84 x D34 x H30 cm
W105 x D45 x H40 cm
W127 x D57 x H50 cm

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