Tactile Table

Vincenzo De Cotiis

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Chilean and MDF plywood frame covered with leather. Upholstery carried out with assembled leather bands with an inner padding made of acrylic fibre. Mirror-finish polished steel tray.

Soft leather

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Trained at the Politecnico di Milano, Vincenzo De Cotiis combines the architect’s sense of space with a sensitivity towards tactile surfaces. He forges pure forms – either design objects or spaces – by following an organic process that allows the final product to retain traces of the process. Touch is as important as sight and generates structures and solutions. Crystalline, pure lines are charged with a new energy in the counterpoint of textures and parts. Materials – precious, raw, sometimes wild and always with an intense and evocative power – characterise every single project. Style results from the raw precision of the finishes, the unexpected associations of parts colours and a choice of faded that incorporate the signs and scratches of time. De Cotiis’ aesthetic is all about perfect imperfection.

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