Trinity Table


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Frame in unfinished tubular metal. Visible weld and smoothing, with antirust protection with clear matte enamel and wax finish. Leather top.

W50 x D50 x H50 cm
W100 x D45 x H40 cm
W100 x D100 x H30/45 cm
W150 x D150 x H30/45 cm
W170 x D170 x H30/45 cm
W50 x D50 x H50 cm
W100 x D45 x H40 cm
W180 x D50 x H74 cm
W180 x D50 x H95 cm
W170 x D70 x H74 cm

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Baxter is headquartered in Lurago d'Erba, Lombardy, and a leader in handmade luxury furniture, which distinguishes itself through innovation and the high quality of the utilized materials. As a company it is exemplary for the internationally appreciated quality standards of products made in Italy. For many years Baxter dedicated itself almost exclusively to manufacturing leather furniture: sofas, armchairs, beds, tables and chairs, which have become synonymous with quality and elegance.