7 archetypal pieces you didn’t know were made by Magis.

If you are a fan of furniture designs that break the mould, chances are you have seen some of the iconic designs created by Magis, an Italian furniture company known to have churned out original as well as innovative products. Their pieces are also known to have been replicated or copied, time and again, across the globe. Here are some of their pieces that are currently being sold at Linds Furniture (www.lindsfurniture.com).


1) Spun Chair         Magis Spun Chair-Black

       Introducing a new concept in seating and sitting, the rotating Spun has captivated the public of various ages when it was displayed at 1Utama Shopping Centre. The award-winning design by Heatherwick Studio in 2010 not only looks like a giant ‘gasing’ or spinning top, it also resembles a cotton reel or a vase on a pottery wheel. At first glance, the eye-catching chair looks like a decorative sculpture. Once you take a seat and set it in motion however, a childlike wonder takes over as you rediscover the joy of rocking and turning 360°. Suitable for outdoor use, the rotational-moulded polyethylene chair is available in red, dark purple, grey anthracite and white.
Who says furniture can’t be decorative, practical AND fun?


2) Bombo Chair

         Does this swivel chair look familiar? If it does, it is because it  is one of the most copied pieces out there. Designed by Milan-based Stefano Giovannoni in 1999, the chair brings into the room effortless sophistication and sleekness. It is also a very home-friendly piece as it features a comfortable round moulded seat made from durable and heat-resistant plastic (ABS), which means cleaning it up is a breeze. Based in chrome steel, the gas lever mechanism allows its height to be adjustable so it could be matched with various tables and spaces. Comfort is guaranteed due to the fluidity of the plastic seat’s shape. Simply a winning combination in a stylish chair. Available in ivory, grey anthracite, white and metallic silver.


3) Air-Chair

         Designed in 2000, this unbelievably lightweight yet sturdy chair is a quintessentially versatile piece that every home should have. Named after the ‘air moulding’ technology which allows the creation of lesser-weighing products yet highly-resistant products, the stackable PVC chair creates a welcoming atmosphere in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Being available in nine simple to vibrant hues means that the chair or a collection of it could belong in rooms of all sizes and personalities. Designed by Jasper Morrison Ltd which consists of a main office in London and two branches (Paris and Tokyo). Available in orange, brick, fuchsia, green, beige, dark green, pure white, white and black.


4) Puppy Stool

         Is it a plastic toy? A child’s stool? An attention-getting sculpture? The answer is whatever your imagination desires it to be. This cute abstract plastic dog draws children and the child in you. Designed in 2005 by esteemed Finnish designer and innovator Eero Aarnio, the piece is made out of the durable polyethlene which makes it an all-weather piece that could liven up any space. Aarnio’s works have been featured in prestigious museums all over the world including MoMA in New York and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Available in orange, green, white and dalmatian.


5) Chair_one Chair               

         Do not let its skeletal design fool you. This piece is more comfortable, durable and lighter than it looks. Konstantin Grcic designed this sculpture-like chair like a soccer ball with the least amount of material, which makes it even more stunning. Grcic who has been described as a minimalist, is also known for his passion for technology and materials. With a concrete base and a variety of finishes for its seat to suit every need, it is a work of contemporary art and architecture.  Year: 2004. Two versions are available; stackable with aluminium legs or a swivel one with a painted cement base. For indoor use, polished aluminium is available while yellow, red, white, metallised grey anthracite and black for outdoor.


6) Steelwood Chair

          An embodiment of an unexpected union. This piece owes its name to a combination of a steel frame and legs made of solid beech. The unique curvature of the backrest is achieved through an extensive stamping process which is part of nine different phases. Designed in 2008, the attention to detail resulted in a chair that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical enough for different kinds of settings and occasions. From a house party to an alfresco quaint café – alfresco or otherwise – to an executive office. It is virtually all you hoped for in a chair. The designers; French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are known to reinvent traditional furniture pieces to become flexible enough for the modern living needs. Available in red, white , black or galvanised.


7) Piña Dining Chair

         If you’re looking for an armchair that looks like a work of art then look no further. What sets this chair which is designed by Jaime Hayon in 2011 apart from the others is the evergreen capitonné pattern. The Spanish designer’s well-rounded work could add a touch of an ultramodern style to any space. The natural look from its beechwood legs complements its metal frame’s powder coated colour finish. The padded back and seat panels provides sitting comfort while the mesh exterior is craftily shaped to cradle the natural curves of a human body. Versatility is also offered as the Piña collection features different finishes as well as indoor and outdoor (with steel tube legs) versions. Available in green, blue, coral red, white, grey and black.

Now that you know more about these iconic designs, you know where to find the original pieces! If settling for second best is not an option for you, head on to www.lindsfurniture.com to see other uniquely remarkable designs or see the pieces yourself at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Zie Chong
Linds Furniture

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