Folio Wall Lamp

Urbinati Ricci + Vecchiato

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Wall lamp with reflected and diffused light. Hand-blown cased glass diffuser, hot bent and subject externally to immersion in acid. Wall mounting plate housing the lighting technology part, made of aluminium color epoxy powder coated die cast zamak.


Small: W33 x D8 x H25 cm
Large: W48 x D10 x H38 cm

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Designed by the founders of Foscarini in the first years of the company's life, Folio pays homage to the simplicity of the small gestures that make a lighting design decorative. This wall lamp evokes a sheet of paper being stretched. Two corners bend slightly towards the wall or the ceiling with a movement just hinted at but enough to give volume to the twodimensional shape of a sheet of paper. Two small screws hook the blown glass diffuser to the metal support and these two points become a delicate decorative element. Folio's light source is housed inside the metal support and diffuses a warm, intense light through its satin-finished screen. pag.

They both began their relationship with Foscarini as designers, starting out the present lamp collection. After some time they took up the management, becoming the authors of it's history. They are the promotors of the new company's brand image.

Foscarini focuses on developing new products but chooses only to put into production those that express new ideas. While inspiration is always valued, Foscarini’s development phase sometimes takes years of progressive research to analyze materials, shapes, processes and operating modes that sometimes lead to results drastically different from the initial concept.

This is why Foscarini lamps are so innovative yet built to weather the whim of trends and become true classics.