Innerlight Wall Lamp

Simon Pengelly

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Wall lamp with reflected and diffused light. The translucent polycarbonate wall fitting acts both as the housing for the lighting technology part as well as a support for the three steel blades, which differ in curvature and size. The steel slabs are epoxy powder coated in the white version and hand treated with a special acid-etching in the brown version. The two light bulbs are positioned on different surfaces to exploit all the available light diffusion; with electronic ballast.

White, Brown

Dimension: W77 x D11 x H32 cm
Bulbs: Fluorescent 2x36W 2G11 type T5 electronic ballast

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Innerlight is a wall lamp that charm you even when it is switched off, thanks to the play of light and shadow that it creates. Its essential design is in actual the result of a careful study of its components: three overlapping bands that generate shadows on different planes, slightly concave but with different inclinations, to create a geometrical yet concurrently soft effect. A three-dimensional picture that changes meaning and function even more when the light is switched on. The beams of light bounce off the wall, marking the contours of the lamp and reflecting inside each of the metal bands, with an illuminating effect that is propagated in several directions. Innerlight is a graphic and luminous presence, both in the version with white bands, where light in its pureness plays the starring role, as well as in the version with a textured finish. Suitable for both domestic use and communal areas, Innerlight unveils its dual personality in every situation: a wall sculpture and a luminaire, with a graphic value and its very own personality, without ever overbearing the other furnishings.

Pengelly Design is a London based studio specialising in furniture and product design founded by British Designer Simon Pengelly in 1993. Pengelly Design Ltd now collaborates globally with the most progressive design-led companies. Current projects include transport and product design, interior design, numerous furniture designs and now, with Foscarini, also lighting.

Foscarini focuses on developing new products but chooses only to put into production those that express new ideas. While inspiration is always valued, Foscarini’s development phase sometimes takes years of progressive research to analyze materials, shapes, processes and operating modes that sometimes lead to results drastically different from the initial concept.

This is why Foscarini lamps are so innovative yet built to weather the whim of trends and become true classics.