Maki Suspension Lamp


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Suspension lamp with direct light. Diffuser consisting of two laser-cut aluminium sheets, which are rolled up and slipped into one another. The engravings on the diffusers let the light out, to delineate the contours of the two sheets with a glow of light. Transparent electrical suspension cable, ceiling flange with galvanised metal bracket and matt batch-dyed ABS cover. Canopy decentralisation kit -multiple canopy available (up to 9 suspension lamps).

White, Grey

Ø9 x H30 cm
Cable length: 170 cm
Bulbs: LED retrofit 1x4W GU10 PAR 16 25°

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Take two sheets of paper and roll them up together, creating something that resembles a seashell or a flower… an intuitive object both poetic and beguiling. Maki was conceived by a spontaneous natural inspiration, becoming a design product only after a challenging development process. As if made of paper, two aluminium sheets were rolled up and one slipped inside the other. Only with incisions, invisible when the lamp is assembled, could the creators obtain the proper play of light. The simple form of Maki plays with the immaterial nature of light, integrating it as an important decorative element: the side glare is filtered by the edges of the rolled-up metallic sheets, creating a dynamic yet soft effect. While light is also cast directly down, as a soft spot beam. This dual luminous effect allows Maki to be charming all alone or in linear compositions to illuminate counters and peninsulas. The white or pale grey color choice enhances the pureness of Maki’s inspiration; its lightness and poetic appeal is a luminous idea in any domestic or communal setting.

Nendo is a design firm founded in 2002 in Tokyo, with architect Oki Sato as its principal. The firm realizes its goal of bringing small surprises to people through a multidisciplinary practice whose media include architecture, interiors, furniture, industrial products and graphic design. Nendo opened their Milan office in 2005, and have achieved international recognition for their award-winning designs for European manufacturers including Cappellini, De Padova, Kartell, Foscarini, Boffi and Driade.

Foscarini focuses on developing new products but chooses only to put into production those that express new ideas. While inspiration is always valued, Foscarini’s development phase sometimes takes years of progressive research to analyze materials, shapes, processes and operating modes that sometimes lead to results drastically different from the initial concept.

This is why Foscarini lamps are so innovative yet built to weather the whim of trends and become true classics.