Fénix Rug

Siamak Eagle

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100% new wool. Tie dye yarn. Cotton backing.

Chain Stitch


W170 x D240 cm
W200 x D300 cm
W300 x D400 cm

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With the hand-embroidered technique, the ornamental motif reaches a clear gesture which expressively approaches the design or engraving. Launched in 2014.

Siamak Eagle was born in Iran and have worked as a manager and designer at Hamian for 5 years. He attended the Arts High School in Tehran and graduated with a BA in Carpet Design and Style at the Art University in Tehran and currently studying an M.A. in Carpet Making. He opened his own office in Tehran in 2008. He is working on producing and designing new styles of classic and modern carpets, as well as wallpaper and ceramics.

GAN is GANDIA BLASCO’s indoor brand, with a strong presence in handmade rugs. GAN is craftsmanship and design. They combine the genius of designers with the skills of craftsmen to produce unique products which will be treasured for years.