Trama Rug


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100% new wool. Cotton backsizing.

Hand Tufted

Ø225 cm
Ø300 cm

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The mastery of a manual technique to show detail and emphasise the artistic and human value puts us in the center: the emotion generated by this piece. Launched in 2008.

Luis Calabuig, María Mengual and Ana Segovia received their Degree in Industrial Design from the UPV of Valencia in 2001 after which they worked for several national and international companies such as design studios. They established Odosdesign in 2005. Their work is based on a common search for new basics and on the combination of functionality, creativity, and aesthetics, as they aim to offer optional design solutions to their clients.

GAN is GANDIA BLASCO’s indoor brand, with a strong presence in handmade rugs. GAN is craftsmanship and design. They combine the genius of designers with the skills of craftsmen to produce unique products which will be treasured for years.