Ellepi Ceiling Lamp

Alessandra Matilde

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Wall/ceiling lamp with reflected and diffused light. Diffuser consisting of a matt finish methacrylate plate. Wall or ceiling mount white epoxy powder coated metal and central ring in opaline polycarbonate, electronic ballast.


Dimension: Ø74 x D6.5 cm

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A diffuser disc made from white plastic, a slim shape that evokes a 33 rpm vinyl record. The name given to this wall or ceiling lamp is Ellepi – an Italian acronym for long playing. The low-consumption light source follows the outline of the central ring and diffuses a glow that dims when moving closer to the outer shape of the lamp. This creates an elegant dimming that highlights the sophistication of the thicknesses and proportions. Ellepi is subtle yet highly effective, either on its own or in multiple compositions.

After training in theatre design in Venice, Matilde Alessandra moves first to London, where she designs interiors and installations for several years. Then she settles in New York in 1999, where she begins to produce her first luminous pieces. Her work has since moved on to include installations to industrial design, but it is alwarys characterized by essencial shapes and bright colours.

Foscarini focuses on developing new products but chooses only to put into production those that express new ideas. While inspiration is always valued, Foscarini’s development phase sometimes takes years of progressive research to analyze materials, shapes, processes and operating modes that sometimes lead to results drastically different from the initial concept.

This is why Foscarini lamps are so innovative yet built to weather the whim of trends and become true classics.