Twice as Twiggy Suspension Lamp

Marc Sadler

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Large suspension lamp with direct and indirect up light. Diffuser made of fibreglass-based composite material and liquid coated. The lamp body consists of a large painted aluminium cone. The diffuser which tops off the cone, where one of the two LED boards is installed, is in PMMA with a prismatic pattern and curved on the edges. The upper LED board is protected by a branded PMMA disc. The LED transformer is housed inside the white painted metal canopy. Triple steel cable for suspending the lamp body and transparent electrical cable; dimmable version available, with the following possible configurations: On-Off /Push/DALI.

White, Black, Greige, Crimson, Indigo

Dimension: Ø80 x H44 cm
Cable length: 480 cm
Bulbs: LED Included 81W(54W+27 Mid-power) 3000°K 8517 lm CRI>90 106 lm/W

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The Twiggy lamp needs no introduction: designed by Marc Sadler who was inspired by the flexibility of a fishing rod, it has become an icon of contemporary design. Today, Twiggy has grown and become “oversized” in the Twice as Twiggy version: a significantly sized lamp dedicated to large rooms, which nevertheless retains the lightweight feel and flexibility of the original version. This goal has been achieved thanks to genuine technical artistry: the long arched rod in fact retains a slim diameter, thanks to a steel cable which is concealed within it, while the lampshade, which is both large and extremely light-weight, is balanced by the appropriately sized base. A system of counterweights allows the height-adjustment of the lampshade, fitted with 2 LED boards, with a dual effect: direct downlight and diffused up-light. In addition to the floor lamp version, Twice as Twiggy is also produced in the suspension version, featuring the same large lampshade.

Born in Austria, Marc Sadler is a French citizen who now lives in Milan. Graduated from the first course of “esthétique industrielle” at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, he is dedicated to experimentation with plastic materials, perfecting the first ski-boot in thermoplastic material at the beginning of the ’70’s. He worked with the Italian Caber (then Lotto ) for several years becoming a specialist in sports design, subsequently co-operating with all the most important international companies in America, Asia, Japan and Europe. Thanks to his previous experience in researching and experimenting new materials and production processes he was able to put this knowledge to excellent use in various sectors. Today he continues to collaborate with leading manufacturers of furniture, lighting and accessories plus large and small electric appliances.

Foscarini focuses on developing new products but chooses only to put into production those that express new ideas. While inspiration is always valued, Foscarini’s development phase sometimes takes years of progressive research to analyze materials, shapes, processes and operating modes that sometimes lead to results drastically different from the initial concept.

This is why Foscarini lamps are so innovative yet built to weather the whim of trends and become true classics.