Elevated Reclining Daybed With Aluminum Slats

Gandia Blasco
Jose A. Gandía-Blasco

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Made of anodised or thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles. Reclining backrest. Optional polyurethane foam rubber covered with water-repellent fabric. Optional removable fabric cover. Includes floor fixing. Towels included.

Sand, Bronze, Anthracite

Daybed without enclosure : W200 x D200 x H200 cm
Daybed + 1 enclosure: W200 x D200 x H200 cm
Daybed + 2 enclosure: W200 x D200 x H200 cm
Daybed + 3 enclosure: W200 x D200 x H200 cm

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This daybed was designed for enjoying a restful break in the sunshine. Ideal for patios and gardens and a perfect little oasis where you can have some time to yourself.

José Antonio Gandía-Blasco Canales was born in Ontinyent, Valencia. After studying law at the Valencia University, he joined the family business GANDIA BLASCO, a blanket manufacturer. After travelling throughout Spain as a business agent, he began to take on responsibilities in the company. With the help of Marisa Gallén and Sandra Figuerola, designers, Gandía Blasco reshaped the image of the company. José A. managed to lead the activities of a solvent family business towards the international benchmark it is today. Experimenting and innovating with materials and shapes, he has been able to turn the ideas of a lover of the Mediterranean culture into a brand image and lifestyle which are well known on the five continents.

GANDIA BLASCO is a worldwide leader in outdoor design furniture based in Valencia, Spain. Born in 1941 as a family business manufacturing blankets, it evolved into an outdoor furniture company in 1996. It has since gone on to become an international name exemplifying the Spanish outdoor lifestyle.