Arita Vessels

Stellar Works
Neri & Hu

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(6 Plates + 1 Cup)

Ø29 x H3.1 cm
Ø26.4 x H2 cm
Ø21.3 x H4.2 cm
Ø18.8 x H6.6 cm
Ø14.7 x H3.5 cm
Ø12.2 x H5.8 cm
Ø7.4 x H9 cm

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In 1616, porcelain stones were discovered at Izumayama mountain, which gave birth to Japan’s very first porcelain. In the Edo era, many tableware artifacts belonging to Japanese feudal lords were made from Arita porcelain, manufactured in the northern part of Kyushu Island. After a research trip to Japan, Neri&Hu were inspired to reinterpret this historic manufacturing technique by using it in the production of the Arita collection for Stellar Works. The result is a contemporary dining collection with a 400 year old story behind it. The ceramic set of seven bowls and plates started as a project ensemble under A Cabinet of Curiosity of seven objects to be displayed in the glass cabinet that carries emblems of seven animals which relate to the “seven sins”, namely pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Each ceramic piece is a different size with varying heights and volumes, blurring the typology of bowls and plates to respond to the contemporary lifestyle of full flexibility with distinction. Each vessel shape offers endless functional possibilities, yet any combination of them suggests a rebirth of a personalised table styling.

Schooled in the United States at UC Berkeley and, respectively, Harvard and Princeton, Philippines-born Lyndon Neri (b.1965) and Taiwanese-born Rossana Hu (b.1968) have together become one of the most dynamic design forces in China today. They moved to Shanghai in 2002 while working for American architect Michael Graves on his renovation of that city’s landmark Three on the Bund project. The husband-and-wife team established their Shanghai showroom Design Republic, selling contemporary design, in 2003. In 2004, they established their design company, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office. Since then, they have taken on architecture and interiors projects including the restaurants and nightclubs. Simultaneously, as Neri&Hu, they have created independently-produced, contemporary furniture and objects that have been sold around the world.

Stellar Works is a contemporary design brand with a strong commitment to creating novel collections inspired by craftsmanship and style traditions from around the world—collections that offer a sense of comfort, intimacy and timeless refinement. Stellar Works has partnered with a select group of designers that share our passion for cultural investigation and for rediscovering natural materials, styles and craftsmanship.