Tips for Choosing Designer Outdoor Furniture

  It’s a fine Sunday morning and you were invited to a brunch soiree at your friends’ new address. Not only is it a beautiful sunny day outside, their living room looks straight out of a modern design furniture catalogue. It’s only natural that you look forward to seeing what awaits at their patio. Could it be just as envy-inducing as the interior decor? Your hopes were dashed as your eyes meet the barely decorated space. “The outside was all but forgotten,” you thought. This can happen at even the poshest homes.


Your rooftop garden, balcony, terrace/deck, townhouse backyard or other outdoor living spaces are extensions of your home that make for fair-weather spots to entertain and unwind with friends and family – or it could be your private haven to tune out the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Instead of driving out to a park to have a picnic with your loved ones, why not have it in your own backyard? Open to the elements but sheltered from the weather, most of homeowners desire to create an outdoor “room”; a space to gather and feast, take a siesta or simply enjoy the scenery. So, how can you create a resplendent outdoor entertaining space that can cope with an erratic and tropical climate or mostly humid weather? The answer is designer outdoor furniture pieces that are as stylish as they are weather-proof.



Shelter from the weather

  First things first, the outdoor space that you intend to decorate must be sheltered from intense weather – be it when the weather gets too sweltering or when the wind picks up. A pergola will provide ample shade from the scorching sun but not much protection from when you want to stay dry from the rain. Meanwhile, a summerhouse/ gazebo will make you feel like you’re sitting inside on a sunny day but will keep your barbecue ingredients and equipment protected, rain or shine.

The Pergola Folding Roof by Gandia Blasco.

For those dry days, check out the pergola collection by Gandia Blasco. Whether it’s with the smaller Pergola Folding Roof or the more elaborate Pergola Mobile Canvas Roof, your outdoor space will be transformed into a shaded spot where you can spend memorable moments.


For a personal or smaller space, a good old-fashioned garden umbrella would be perfect. You can either opt for parasols to be placed right at the side of your tables, or smaller bumbershoots to accompany smaller tables.


Play it cool and with the Ensombra Umbrella. The design of this sunshade reinterpreted the opening and closing system of ladies fans, obtaining a simple system that can be unfolded and closed on a louvre base – injecting life into your outdoor space. Also great for pool parties!



Don’t let comfort take a back seat

  Regardless of your exterior space’s primary use, there is a full range of patio furniture to meet your needs. Your choices include full-size dining tables with matching chairs, sofas and hammocks for lazy afternoons and individual bar stools.

The Senso Chair by Expormim.

If you have a spacious home and regularly have guests to entertain (or if you’re known as the hostess with the mostest), you will need a large set (of preferably designer outdoor furniture) with additional chairs for bigger parties, to ensure comfort. However, if you live in apartments or rarely entertain guests, a smaller set would suffice for yourself and your loved ones to get cosy outside.


Before you shop for designer outdoor furniture, make sure you have the measurements for your available space, as they come in handy when shopping. Try not to squeeze large furniture into a small deck or balcony as it will be difficult for people to move around and enjoy the outdoors. Similarly, tiny furniture will look out of place in an expansive patio. Meanwhile, for medium-sized spaces, create flexibility by combining one large piece with smaller seating options.


Regardless of the size of your available space, this particular Senso Chair by Expormim offers comfort and is aesthetically pleasing. Allow it to become part of your outdoor furniture essentials and you will not be left disappointed.



Design consistency

 Treat the outdoor space as you would other rooms in your home. Remember to consider how the indoor spaces flow into the outdoors. Strive for consistency and harmony in choosing your pieces. Work within a neutral colour palette and combine different textures so you can play with different styles. A single-tone ensemble can look monotonous but it can also become a canvas on which you can add statement pieces or points of color.

The Voxel Chair by Vondom.


Take a peek at Mari-sol by Vondom – a collapsible table that merged technology in its function with sensuality in its shape. The table not only holds up to the weather, the sea and the sun, it also has different dimensions that allow it to adapt to any environment, which makes it ideal for both interior and exterior spaces.


Make a splash with Vondom’s Biophilia Chairs. Contemporary in design and available in different finishes, these chairs are made of polyethylene resin and are 100% recyclable. If you prefer more voluminous seats, the mono-block polypropylene stackable Voxel Chairs fit the bill.



Put some illuminating love

  Don’t let your light sensors to be the only source of lighting for your outdoor living spaces. Eating areas don’t have to be limited to just tables and chairs. Some of the most popular lighting options that can be used to brighten up and transform these spaces include lamp posts, lanterns (hanging or attached), string lighting, candles, surrounding garden lights, and more.  If you have a huge backyard, guide your guests to their destination by placing landscape lighting along walkways or sidewalks.

The Blau Outdoor Tree Lamp.

The Blau Outdoor Tree Lamp by Gandia Blasco is a luminaire made of thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles and has LED Lighting. Despite not having roots, this lamp adapts to urban environments, lighting and refining them by generating shadows.



Designer outdoor furniture = worthy investment

  It is important to select durable and easy-to-maintain furniture pieces that will last for a long time, irrespective of your intended use or style. Designer outdoor furniture pieces are known to have high-quality materials, all-weather fabrics and fade-defying finishes. Designer pieces are also an investment that will ensure minimum worry and maintenance.


The cost and budget to purchase these tried-and-true pieces are important considerations, as with any purchase you make for your home. While you look out for furniture that meets your needs and style, it is also essential to ensure the pieces will give you long-term value for your money.


Whether it’s for the occasional brunch soirees, Sunday barbecues, or a spot for you to regularly entertain a crowd, your home’s outdoor spaces are also an expression of your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, take the time to purchase outdoor furniture to be able to enjoy spending time at your garden or deck all year round, in a pleasant and natural environment.


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Zie Chong 


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