The Bill Bed, by Baxter.

  If a group of six people were asked how they envision their perfect bedroom, each of them would most probably have their unique answer. But even with a long list of ideas and options, they would all have a few things in common. For instance, they would all agree that a bedroom should be comfortable, inviting and relaxing.

Furniture-shopping can be exciting because let’s admit it: new things and new looks are refreshing and rejuvenating. Nevertheless, buying bedroom furniture can be a significant investment and the fear of making the wrong decisions can be daunting.

Before you go to a furniture store, take the time to do some research and imagine how the bedroom you wish to furnish and decorate would look like. Prior to shopping, decorating and arranging, find the answers to these questions: What style does the room have? What is the colour scheme? What kind of furniture can the room size accommodate?


Know the dimensions

  Get your measurement tape and the exact dimensions of your bedroom as they will dictate the size of furniture pieces you can bring home. If your room is sizable, avoid choosing small pieces or under-furnish the room. Likewise, if you’re decorating a cosy and small room, bigger pieces may make the room appear cramped.

To achieve balance between the size of the furniture and the space, scale is crucial. It is also important to ensure that the furniture you take home can make it around the hallway corner and through the bedroom doorway.


Determine your style

  When it comes to the design, it is easy to resort to bedroom furniture sets that are everywhere in Malaysia, instead of cherry-picking the pieces individually. The latter can be a fun experience as you would be able to define your own style and even personality. Whether it is classic, modern or contemporary, it is helpful to stick to one or two styles to give the perfect concept and look.

A country and rustic bedroom set would not make you happy if you prefer a contemporary style. However, do consider that a great deal of designer bedroom furniture is somewhere between modern and traditional, or simply put, transitional in style.  


Show off your favourite colours

  It is advisable to choose the colours that you usually prefer, as well as any soft and warm tones as part of your colour scheme, to help you rest and sleep better.

If you are inclined towards classic looks, natural earthy colours, natural wood and handcrafted design, then a traditional and warm colour scheme may be appealing to you as it evokes the sense of tranquility and comfort. On the other hand, darker colour schemes would give the room a modern feel that offers a sense of closure and silence. The middle ground would be the contemporary colour scheme which have brighter and softer colours.


Choose durability

If your bedroom furniture is tough enough to last a lifetime, then your investment is considered worth it. As much as budget determines the quality you can afford, your intended use of the furniture is more important. If it’s for the master bedroom, it’s worth splurging for high-quality furniture but if it’s for a child’s bedroom then it’s alright to go down a level as the furniture will be replaced in several years. Your budget should also be prioritised for things that really matter in a bedroom such as a good-quality mattress.


The right mattress matters

Choosing a comfortable mattress to rest is highly important because you spend more than one-third of your lifetime in bed. There are many varieties in the market which include memory foam, latex and innerspring. Before you buy a mattress, do your research to have a clear idea of what could fit your — and your partner’s — sleeping needs best. If you suffer from any medical condition that involves back aches or pain, it is wise to consult your doctor to find out if you need a therapeutic mattress. People usually go for test drives before they buy cars and the same goes with buying mattresses. Lay down on the mattress you’re looking to buy for about 15 minutes to get the real feel of it so that you will be certain and happy with your purchase. Be sure that any mattress you purchase has a warranty — a minimum 10-year warranty is usually included when you buy a good mattress.


Bed before the rest

Pick the bed first, and then plan the rest of the bedroom around it. After all, you can’t spell bedroom without the bed. But before that, get a mattress of your liking and put lines of tape on the floor and get the measurements to determine the size of the bed you need. You also need the measurements to find out the size and placement of the other pieces. Do bear in mind the width, length and the height of the bed when planning the room. Meanwhile, mattresses vary in thickness and bed frames differ in height. The heights of certain other furniture pieces in the room, especially the nightstands, are dependent on the bed’s height.


Different Types of Bed


The Summer Bed, by Baxter.


The base consists of a raised, level solid frame, often with a section consisting of either rows of wooden slats or latticed structure to support a mattress. The platform eliminates the need for a box-spring or a second mattress as the foundation as it provides adequate support and ventilation for a mattress by itself. Baxter’s Summer Bed has a leather upholstery that covers a double-panelled wooden frame. The feet are also wooden (beech and Feet in beech and bed frame in poplar strips. Differentiated density polyurethane foam filling with acrylic fibre covering. Leather upholstery with sharp edge stitching.


The Bunky Bed, by Magis.


These beds are often seen in dormitories and children’s rooms. If it’s sturdy enough for a school-going child, then it’s a good bunk bed. It is also a great space-saving piece of furniture. Magis’ Bunky Bed, made of polyethylene, is a modern take on the bunk bed.


The Chance Up Bed, by Désirée.

Upholstered headboard

To add a luxurious and decorative yet soft touch, choose a bed with an upholstered headboard. Desiree’s Chance Up Bed is a show-stealing example thanks to the the headboard’s capitonnè upholstery — of which cover is removable made of fabric and leather. The feet are polished aluminium and the structure is in metal and wood, padded with differentiated density polyurethane and covered fabric.


The SW Daybed, by Stellar Works.


You see these in common rooms and they are used in various ways besides for sleeping. They are also used for lounging, reclining, and seating. While the frames can be made out of wood, metal or a combination of both, the shape is a cross between a couch, a bed and a chaise lounge. They also work well for guest rooms.



A smart space-saving solution for a home, a trundle bed is a moveable bed that can be fixed under another bed frame. It is basically a pair of beds; one frame is slightly smaller than the other as it needs to be rolled in under the upper bed. The beds can also be split into two separate beds when necessary.


The Shellon In Bed, by Désirée (available with a handy storage compartment).


Available in a variety of styles, storage beds offer ample space underneath their slatted base. If you want a clutter-free room, then this is an ideal bed. Some storage beds have large drawers on both sides of the frame where you can keep your belongings in an organised manner.

Endless of options can be overwhelming when picking out new furniture. Many find themselves wandering helplessly through the furniture shop not knowing where to start, much less knowing which pieces to choose. So next time before you go bedroom furniture shopping, use this guide or head on to Linds Furniture at 162 and 162A Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. You can also check out our range of beds here.


Zie Chong

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