Outdoor Furniture That Makes You Feel like You’re Indoors


An assortment of Senso Chairs by Expormim.

Be it your porch, patio, balcony or backyard, adorning any outdoor space can be tricky but with the right furniture, you could perfect the art of lounging alfresco without having to leave the comfort of your own home (except of course, when it rains). You could also finally realise your dream of entertaining guests during brunch gatherings or barbecue dinners, without the hassle of cleaning up your indoor spaces — which usually requires more work.


With some thoughtful planning and the right patio outdoor furniture, your outdoor living opportunities can be versatile — a party area, a lounging space, an alternative dining spot and even a mix of all functions. To make the best out of whatever outdoor space you have, choose furniture pieces that are not only comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing enough to be indoors, but also durable enough for your outdoor spaces.



Copa Outdoor Armchair by Expormim.

Seating essentials

Unlike your interior dining chairs, your outdoor chairs shouldn’t be as formal because instead of sitting upright, you would want a more relaxed sitting position. Adjustable chairs are always a good idea, especially if you value versatility and practicality. To provide more comfort and dimension, throw in some outdoor pillows. You could select cushions that are quick-drying as well as resistant to UV, mildew and stain. Now who says outdoor furniture can’t be soft?


Nevertheless, if you’re living in the city or where it gets dusty easily, it’s better to skip the pillows and cushions as they would just get dirty very easily. Another good tip is to ensure you have additional places to sit for when you’re entertaining guests, or whenever you need the extra seating.it is useful to keep several outdoor folding chairs in storage for times when you need the extra seating.


This Lapala Hand-woven Dining Armchair is suitable for various types of outdoor spaces, without the sterile or rugged look that most outdoor furniture pieces have. The seat and backrest have a hand-woven finish using rope made of high resistance polyester, while the legs are made of lacquered stainless steel tube. If you’re looking for a chair for your garden or your green backyard, the Copa Outdoor Armchair is a beautiful choice. Apart from the aesthetics, it is also made of high-resistance aluminum tube and synthetic rattan finished in textured epoxy paint so this is definitely a good investment piece due to its durability.



Tunis Round Coffee Table by Expormim.

The central piece

There’s nothing like being able to have you meal outdoors, especially if you have a stunning view to appreciate while you wine and dine. But even if you’re not eating, a dining table in your outdoor space creates a focal point. During a get-together, the crowd would usually gravitate towards and around the central piece. For a more casual vibe, opt for a picnic table or just a coffee table for times when you just want to have coffee while burying your nose in a book outside.


If playing host is your forte, determine the size you need based off of the entertaining you plan on doing. A safe bet would be a table that could accommodate six to eight people. A second table for bigger gatherings is a good idea but you could also get Expormim’s Outdoor Rectangular Extending Dining Table for a more versatile choice. With its smooth porcelain top and classic four-leg design, it could belong in either outdoor or indoor spaces such as large common rooms. Remember to make sure that the chairs’ arms are low enough so they would not bump into the table and could slide under it.


To make your outdoor seating area more inviting and functional, add end tables and coffee tables. They should be about two-thirds the length of your outdoor couch. This Tunis Round Coffee Table, which consists of high resistance aluminum tube and hand-woven flat synthetic fiber made of high density polyethylene, also includes a glass top, giving it a sleek look and feel. This Mediterranean inspired piece is a tasteful choice that looks great in your porch or your living room. While a rectangular dining table works better for seating a larger crowd, a round table caters to a more intimate gathering as everyone will be an equal distance apart.



Käbu Chaiselounge by Expormim.

Alfresco lounging

For days when the weather is perfect, the outdoor space, despite its openness, can be a hideaway. It is also a place where anybody would love to kick it back under the sun (or stars). Add a variety of pieces to create a lounge feel, so much so that you forget that you’re outside.


The Käbu Chaiselounge, which is made of high resistance aluminum tube and outdoor finish is a stylish choice that gives a more dramatic look. To take it up a notch, add in a hanging furniture. For example, the Nautica Outdoor Swing Chair is an eye-popping feature to any outdoor space. Don’t forget to also think about your lighting options. This Oh Hand-woven Suspension Lamp, which has a stainless steel frame has a timeless look.



Trenza Rug by Expormim.

Other tips

For colour schemes; earthy, warm and brown tones are popular and evergreen choices but you can also opt for vibrant white frames and colourful pillows to brighten things up. Steel, powder-coated aluminium and teak are some of the materials that can withstand harsh elements, whilst not compromising comfort.


Tying elements through colour and texture can be achieved by placing rugs. Apart from creating a visual separation for the dining and lounge spots, they can also help to soften hard surfaces such as those of decks and patios. This Trenza Rug for example, has a neutral and earthy colour, making it an elegant choice. Due to its achromatic hue, it could also belong in any indoor space.


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