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Buying a sofa is a big commitment – a little bit like getting married. You found love at first sight, move in together and it’s a happily (and comfortably) ever after. If only it’s that simple. A lasting relationship requires you to choose wisely by getting to know each other inside and out. Be certain about your choice because breaking up with a sofa can be costly and tiring. The most beautiful sofa can set your heart aflutter but make sure to tick the right boxes before you take it home.

Long-term investment moves can be nerve-racking and buying designer sofas isn’t much different. They are generally expensive but are also high-quality, which is why buyers would expect them to remain in their living rooms for at least a decade. Apart from aesthetics, quality and functionality are the important elements in your research. Others include the size of your space, the type of support for the couch (with foot or base) and the style of your choice (modern or classic, for example).



Types of designer sofa


Diana Chester Sofa by Baxter.


The embodiment of versatility, the Chesterfield sofa has behind it, an interesting story. The fourth Earl of Chesterfield in England requested a piece of furniture that would allow a man to sit upright comfortably without causing his suit to wrinkle, making him the first to have ever commissioned such furniture. A Chesterfield is defined by the leather material, arms and back sharing the same height, rolled arms, back cushion-less and the evergreen quilted effect by tufting. This quilted design which is also called capitonné, can be seen on the Diana Chester Sofa by Baxter.


The Murray Sofa by Allegra.


The name indicates the arched or humped back that rises to a higher point in the middle, which also gives a feminine silhouette. This soft yet formal design is often accompanied by exposed legs and rolled or square arms. Allegra’s Murray Sofa is a modern take that also provides back cushions for more comfort.


Alfred Sofa by Baxter.


Want a sofa with a contemporary look? The tuxedo type is the answer. This style is defined by the arms and back sharing the same height. It is also considered as a modern alternative to the Chesterfield due to its similar linear style. Due to its high arms, pillows could be added to add comfort. The Alfred Sofa by Baxter ensures comfort with the cushions, making it a snug seat.



Overplan Sofa by Désirée.


If ornate styles aren’t your thing and comfort is your top priority, then the Lawson may just be the one for you. Its simple, versatile and comfortable design is a choice for many households. The main characteristics of a Lawson are its boxed shape, and its arms being much lower than its back. There are many variations out there and Désirée’s Overplan Sofa provides the freedom of arrangement and complemented by upholstered seat and back cushions, armrests and a backrest structure.


Monopoli Sofa by Désirée.


If you’re all for flexibility then sectional sofas are for you. They allow for custom arrangement as they are available in U-shaped (which can fill up more space) and L-shaped (which is perfect to be put at the corner of a room). You can also combine separate units like the armless sofas and corner pieces to fill the room’s layout. It is great for socialising but if you have a smaller space then it may not be the best choice. If you have many windows and high ceilings though, this is a good option. The Monopoli Sofa by Désirée offers modularity and freedom of arrangement, as the backs and armrests can be positioned in many ways, helping you to achieve a distinctive seating system.



Choosing the right one

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, like Vondom’s unique Doux Sofa.

The shape

Now that you know that there are many varieties of sofa out there, you may begin by looking at the size and style of the room it will be placed in. Try sticking with a concept. To give an illusion of space, it is a good idea to choose a sofa with legs. Whereas in a more spacious area, you have flexibility but it is important to ensure that the scale fits the surrounding.


The size

The best way to determine the right sofa size for your space is to measure up. First, think about how many people you want the sofa to accommodate comfortably. Then, grab a measuring tape to figure out the biggest sofa your room can accommodate. Remember to also double check the access into your house to ensure it will fit. Other things that would get in the way are low ceilings and narrow hallway. If you have an existing sofa then just use its measurement.


The material

Apart from being durable and easy to clean, leather offers a luxurious look. It will last a lifetime if it is well-maintained and after a while, the ageing process adds character. Meanwhile, fabric sofas have more colour options and tightly woven fabrics usually wear better. If you want a cool fabric, linen is a good choice and it is also one of the most durable fabrics for sofas. Cotton adapts to the temperature but it doesn’t stand up so well to spills and stains.


The frame

Fabric choices are important but so are the construction of the sofa of your choice, especially if it’s going to be your forever couch. Spend some time to do your research and you will find that a hardwood frame lasts longer than pine, for instance. The joints should be glued and screwed for a better quality sofa. Metal frames are also a good option.


The upholstery

The padding in the cushions vary, just as they differ in mattresses. They should retain their shape when you sit down, instead of curving up. Foam upholstery provides not only firmness and support, but it also recovers well. All you will need to do is turn the cushions occasionally to allow even wear. High resilience foam will have a slower rate of volume loss. Feather-filled upholstery has a more casual and softer sit, which is great for curling up on the sofa. Remember that the quality of springs is also important as it will affect the support, comfort and durability.


The lifetime of a sofa combined with the cost of purchasing a large piece of furniture makes designer sofa buying a decision that needs to be researched and thought out with care. May these pointers help make your buying decision much easier. To look at more examples of designer sofas, feel free to visit us in-store, or browse our website.


Zie Chong

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